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Software for hygiene plan preparation

E-GIENIC by Equipage

Software for designing hygiene plans, intended for our members’ customers and their users

The group’s member companies already work with their customers, advising them and helping them implement general and more specific hygiene plans according to HACCP standards.
In addition, to facilitate their work and that of teams in the field, Equipage Hygiène Solutions wanted to offer specific software for creating hygiene plans, aimed at members’ customers and their users.
This software was designed by our Spanish member PROQUIBSA and specifically adapted and developed by Equipage Hygiène Solutions, after several months of development and testing.

E-GIENIC by Equipage, software for creating hygiene plans

The features of E-GIENIC by Equipage, a tool that is both very intuitive and easy to use

  • The design of hygiene plans tailored to each customer.
  • The creation of customised hygiene procedures for each customer.
  • Access to products, technical and safety data sheets.
  • The production of drawings of the relevant areas, with visualisation of the elements involved and their location.
  • The design of specific zones, with the option to import photos for fine-tuned customisation.
  • The design of a task schedule.
  • Automatic creation of documents, hygiene plans, registers, procedures and more. Documents can be generated in pdf versions for printing or transmission by e-mail.