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Why choose Equipage?

Do you want to join a group that makes your company a priority?


The objective of the consortium, is to be both an actor and a beneficiary

Do you want to integrate into a dynamic group, with a human dimension, which makes every effort to optimise the economic interests of all?
Are you are attracted to the prospect of obtaining preferable commercial agreements, gaining the advantages of pooled purchasing, and enjoying the skills of our partners and members.
Is your goal is to retain your customers, develop your turnover, have new ways to launch your developments, and strengthen the reputation of your company…
Do you want to join a group in which each member works within a clearly defined geographical area?
Do you want to be an author and actor of our common development and get involved with a team of professionals, bring to fruition communal projects in the interest of all, share your knowledge and skills, bring new ideas, if so join us.
Our philosophy:  A team of men who decided to unite to succeed, to share their values ​​and skills, and to invest in order to guarantee the development of their companies.
If you want to join a constantly expanding group, send us your application.



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