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Our aim is to promote our members:

– by allowing them to benefit from advantageous commercial conditions negotiated with the largest European suppliers on thousands of products, 
- by investing to ensure the development of our members, in particular by creating new services and offering them services such as R & D, shared software, effective communication … 
To achieve these goals, Equipage work in collaboration with a clearly established system of governance which provides a framework to create a genuine exchange of skills between professionals and allow members who wish to engage in development projects for the mutual benefit of the group. 
Our grouping is, above all, a human centric enterprise where the talents of each individual combine for the collective strength, our philosophy is to come together to succeed!

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If you wish to join EQUIPAGE, a rapidly expanding group, then we invite you to send your application to one of our member companies


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Our vision and our commitments


EQUIPAGE, a thriving and expanding group, which makes its members’ performance its priority

EQUIPAGE considers each member company a priority and provides them with the means to be stronger and more sustainable in their local market. 
Thus EQUIPAGE is committed to its member companies.
The Group helps our members to perform better in their local market
It gives them means they would not have alone (advantageous commercial conditions with the largest European suppliers, new services, support functions, etc.).
It allows them to maintain their autonomy and their own identity while benefiting from the strength of the collective enterprise.
It supports them to develop their capital.
In order to fulfil its commitments, EQUIPAGE’s profit is reinvested in 100% in the network in line with its vision, which is shared and renewed during the General Assembly. The investments are only intended to enhance the companies that make up the network, and not Equipage itself. 
In the coming months, Equipage wants to develop in France and Europe, by recruiting new members who share this desire to work together. In 2021, Equipage aims to become the first European group bringing together companies marketing hygiene products and services to local customers.

Clear and collaborative governance


Equipage, a group of companies specialising in the hygiene products and materials market, is a Société par Actions Simplifiée (simplified limited company) company with variable capital, made up of more than thirty member companies (mainly domiciled in France and Spain).

Each member is therefore a shareholder of Equipage. 
The group is led by a Management Committee, which is composed of representatives of the member companies, and elected by all the members. 
An Annual General Meeting brings all the members together and validates the financial accounts, and also shares the strategy and the annual action plan. 
This collaborative organisation encourages the sharing of good practice and skills between members. This allows members who wish to participate in the development of the group by actively participating in innovative projects for the service of all (specialised purchasing commissions, new services, communication, etc.).

Equipage Hygiene Solutions – our values


Four core values characterise the group, uniting all our current members and allowing us to echo our views to future members.


Each member undertakes:

  • to be considerate, and honest in their actions and communications
  • to accept everyone’s contribution
  • to behave in an exemplary fashion

Each member undertakes:

  • to share their knowledge, know-how and experience.
  • to encourage team spirit to flourish.
  • to discuss and communicate with the desire that we all pull together in the same direction

Each member undertakes:

    • to make decisions that enable them to carry out their mission and to be accountable for them.
    • to take responsibility for their actions and those of others.

Each member undertakes:

  • to put forward suggestions and proposals.
  • to invest in research and creativity.
  • to open themselves to new ideas, services and solutions, to gain a competitive advantage and make our companies sustainable.
  • to be a visionary, innovating the business of tomorrow.